Good spellers

Spelling, some readers say, has become atrocious (had to look that one up). Some copy editors agree. I am a fair speller in writing, even without a computer spellchecker, but I freeze when it comes time to spell aloud. One of my everlasting regrets is that I never did well in school spelling bees. I admire those who can spell in front of an audience. Apparently, adult spelling bees are quite popular these days. We’ve had a few stories about the craze, and N&O columnist Dennis Rogers wrote recently about participating in one.

If you are a good speller and would like to help a cause, you might be interested in the Interact Spelling Bee Party at 7 p.m. May 4 at the Southend Brewery in Raleigh. The event will raise money for Interact, a nonprofit domestic violence relief agency. You can check the Web site for details. It sounds like fun for spellers and spectators. If you go to the site, you can follow a link to test your spelling ability.

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