Are you a native?

In a graphic today comparing Buffalo/Niagara Falls and the Triangle (something about a hockey match, I think), The N&O called Jack Kemp a “native” of Buffalo. I knew that he played professional football in Buffalo and later served in the U.S. House from that district, but I wondered if he had been born in Buffalo. That’s what a native is, someone who was born in a certain place. I looked up Kemp’s bio: He was born and reared in Los Angeles.

The Associated Press Stylebook has an entry on “citizen, resident, subject, national and native.” I refer to it when I see the word “citizen” used to refer to the residents of a city. A city cannot give citizenship. The same entry tells me that “subject” is acceptable for people who live in monarchies. “National” applies to people who are living away from their home nation.

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