Where the links lead us

This is not an original thought: The wonder of the Internet is how our reading jumps from one place to another in a way that suits our particular way of thinking. I find this a wonderful thing.I started out this morning (Sunday, July 30) on The New York Times reading about a movie called “Half Nelson,” and, within an hour or so, I ended up in a Wikipedia page about English declension, a linguistic concept that explains why we use “who” and “whom” and perhaps why our great-great-grandchildren, if they speak English at all, might not bother with “whom.”


Between those two pages, I learned a little about dialectics and reacquainted myself with Noam Chomsky. I experienced the warm feeling of nostalgia for the most important course I took at UNC-Greensboro many years ago, an introduction to grammar and linguistics. I briefly explored the route of humans out of Africa.All of this was made possible by the magic of hyperlinks and the miracle of search engines.

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