What stereotypes in the news media annoy or enrage you? I attended a seminar sponsored by the Southeast chapter of the American Copy Editors Society on Sunday in Chapel Hill, and one of the liveliest discussions we had was about stereotypes: generational, racial, ethnic, political, sexual, socioeconomic.

For copy editors and other journalists, it’s a matter of accuracy, clarity and fairness. Cliches figure into our choices, too. Is it accurate to label conservatives “right-wing”? Are all liberals “left-leaning”? Is it news when a woman who happens to have grandchildren is arrested on a drug charge? Does the word “elderly” apply to people in their 60s? Are all working-class neighborhoods “gritty”? And when was the last time you heard a suburban neighborhood described as anything but “quiet”?

I’d like to hear from people who aren’t copy editors. Weigh in by hitting “Leave a comment” below.

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