Reader comments

I often get e-mail messages from readers with questions or observations that aren’t posted through the comments feature. I asked one reader if I could post her comments. Here they are:

Three comments:1. I constantly see “it’s” and “its” used incorrectly ALL the time, in print and on television. That nearly drives me crazy!2. Do schools teach students to diagram sentences any more? My conversations with those much younger than I indicate that diagramming sentences is a dying art that I consider a grammatical necessity.3. The other issue that jumps in my face all the time, again in print and on television, is the incorrect use of “I” and “me”, as in “He gave the information to John and I.” As the object of the preposition, the “I” should be “me.” A simple way to determine the correct word is to eliminate the double predicate, reducing it to one person (single). Then one can ask oneself whether it would be correct to say “…to I.” Of course, it would not; so the obvious correct word is “me.”

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