A punctuation question

My son, a college student, asked a punctuation question that I thought might also be on others’ minds. Here is an example:

When Ken Jennings lost on “Jeopardy!,” viewer wondered if he just became tired of winning.

In the newspaper, we put quotation marks around television series titles, and “Jeopardy!” also has an exclamation point in its title. My son wondered where the comma would go if the title fell at the end of a dependent clause or before a nonessential element — or if it should go at all. I told him that our style is to put commas inside the quotation marks in all cases, including this one. The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference supports this punctuation.

Here are more examples:

John Lennon’s “Instant Karma!,” produced by Phil Spector, was on the former Beatle’s “Shaved Fish” compilation album.

Rosemary Clooney recorded a great torchy version of “How Long Has This Been Going On?,” a George and Ira Gershwin song written for the 1928 musical “Rosalie.”

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