A letter to the editor today applies the word “hogwash” to assertions in a Barry Saunders column. “Hogwash” means exactly what it sounds like: the swill you feed to hogs. In other words, it’s worthless nonsense.

The word sent me on a short search for other words that mean nonsense. I found words that also begin with “h”: horsefeathers, hokum and, my favorite, hooey. The letter “b” is well-represented too: baloney, bilge, bull, bunk and the lovely balderdash. I also found the assertive one-syllable synonyms: slop, crock and rot. Then there are a couple of trippy multisyllables: folderol or falderal and malarkey. I also like twaddle and its British variation twattle.

Care to add more? Just keep it clean.

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