A new Triangle Grammar Guide quiz

grammar-quiziconAt last, I have a new quiz. This one is hodgepodge (or, as a smart but crotchety copy editor once said, “It’s not even hodgepodge; it’s just podge.”) I threw in a usage question that many people will disagree with. (Oy, I ended a sentence with a preposition! Horrors!) Please leave a comment if you wish.

Because some readers might be new to the blog and the quizzes, here is a short explanation. The quiz has five sentences. You choose the correct (or the better) of two words in the sentence. You click through each page of the quiz and at the end you can see the answers. Please let me know if you spot an error or a typo. The free quiz software I use has few features, but it seems intuitive. I don’t think you’ll have trouble understanding it.

Click here or on the question mark icon to begin the quiz. Have fun!

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