Triangle Grammar Guide quiz


Today’s quiz is different from previous Triangle Grammar Guide quizzes. In each of the five parts, you will see two sentences and must choose the correctly written (or, at least, the better written) sentence in each pair.

I fully expect to hear from you about better versions of the correct sentences and appreciate any comments you have. After the quiz, you’ll be directed to the grammar blog, and you can leave your comments on this post. (Don’t read the comments before you take the quiz if you don’t want to be influenced by others’ comments.).

This quiz has another feature I haven’t tried before. Quiz results will come to me in e-mail (if I have set it up correctly). No names will be associated with the results, so you don’t need to feel inhibited. I just want to see how many people are trying the quiz and what kind of results they are getting. The e-mail is for my information only. Also, this quiz will offer random ordering of the questions, so readers will see the parts in varying order. I just want to see how that works, too.

Click on the question mark icon or here to begin. Have fun.

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