Funny and beautiful words

Do the words hornswoggle, mollycoddle and whippersnapper make you giggle? They are among the 100 Funniest Words in English, according to one list. I am partial to No. 71: namby-pamby. I especially like how William Shatner sneers it in a Priceline commercial. Some words that aren’t on that list but are suggested on a list at Inherently Funny: conniption, persnickety and poppycock. Do you have other suggestions?

AlphaDictionary also has a list of the 100 Most Beautiful Words in English. Loquacious, peccadillo and serendipity are on that list. Here is another list of beautiful words, and here is a list of 70 of the most beautiful words as determined by a survey. What do you think are the most beautiful words in English?

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