The word of the year?

The American Dialect Society chose bailout as the word of the year for 2008. Here is the news release from the society. Among the other nominees: shovel-ready and game-changer. The trend started by references to "Joe the plumber" caught on like wildfire. Just call me Pam the Copy Editor. I like thought showers, a term coined to avoid using brainstorming. I can’t wait to hear someone in my workplace say, "Hey, I need some ideas. Let’s have a thought shower session on this problem."

The news release also gives the words from past years. Remember pajamahadeen from 2004? I didn’t either. I did remember metrosexual from 2003, information superhighway from 1993 and potty parity from 1990. Those terms seem quaint now.

The New Oxford American Dictionary chose hypermiling for its word of the year. The word refers to efforts to get the maximum gas mileage from your vehicle.

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