Book review: "I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth's Head"

grammar-auntruthcoverJoel Schnoor, who lives in Apex, sent me a copy of his book, "I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head." (Author House, 2009) Here is how he describes the book:

"The book contains 43 short stories featuring a tough, lovable Aunt Ruth character who struggles with proper English usage. Her nauseating nephew helps her get on the right track. Some stories are heavy on the grammar and some are light, but they all are intended to be funny and to leave the audience chuckling."

Indeed, the stories are humorous in a gentle and G-rated way, and they do teach grammar and usage. The title comes from the first story, which introduces Aunt Ruth and her nephew and deals with lay and lie. The other titles give clues to the grammar and usage principles covered: "As Aunt Ruth Likes It," "Aunt Ruth Comprises Surprises," "The Old Lady is All Right."

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