A Grammar Guide quiz: Word choice in Sunday's paper


If you are a close and thorough reader of The N&O, you might have an advantage on the new Grammar Guide quiz. I based the quiz on Sunday's newspaper. I found five sentences that included words or terms that are sometimes confused in writing. To the credit of writers and editors, all but one of the five sentences were correct in the paper.

This quiz has a code that will send me anonymous results via e-mail. I am interested again in seeing how many times the quiz is taken. Don't worry; the results will not be attached to any user, and you can take the quiz as often as you have time for. The feedback information is the same on each question regardless of the response. In other words, you get the same explanation whether you are right or wrong.

Click here or on the question mark icon to begin. I hope you find the quiz entertaining and informative. You can leave a comment on this post. You do have to register to leave comments, but registration is free and not too onerous.

P.S. I noticed a typo in "Quiz" right after posting this. I have corrected that typo.

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