A new quiz for National Grammar Day 2013

Today is National Grammar Day. My fellow grammar geeks have been busy. If you check out the Grammar Day page, you’ll see all sorts of activity and postings. I am disappointed that none of my Grammar Day haiku on Twitter achieved honorable mention in the Grammar Day haiku contest, but I enjoyed all the charming and clever entries. Fun was had by all.

I am a little late with this post, but I have a new Grammar Guide quiz. This one is all about word choice, and, of course, it’s more about usage and editing than grammar. But “grammar” is large and contains multitudes.

By the way, here is my Grammar Day haiku.

Someone wants to know/about the epicene they;/tell them it’s OK.

Facebook makes it clear:/Apostrophes abused by/possessive plurals.

Meaning is plural/ but syntax looks singular, / that is synesis.

Nitpick happily./Embrace the scold within you./Usage marches on.

Take the quiz and have a happy Grammar Day night.