Confused words: Quiz on affect and effect

I have written a new Grammar Guide quiz (No. 73) that is all about the often confused words affect and effect. I have posted two versions of the quiz: This one is for regular browsers on laptops or desktops (it uses Flash), and this one is for tablets and smartphones (it uses HTML5). I am still trying to get the kinks worked out in the way this blog displays the list of quizzes over on the right side, so as of this posting date (4-28-14), Quiz No. 73 is only accessible through this post, using my backup plan. I hope someday to hear from the webmaster about how to handle the quiz listing.

Please leave feedback below in the comments or send me email if you find any problems or just want to weigh in on the format or the sentences. (You’ll get a CAPTCHA to prove you’re a real person when you click the email link.)

Have fun with the quiz!