Try a new Grammar Guide quiz (No. 74 with images)

I have a new Grammar Guide quiz for you to try, No. 74. This one is fill-in-the-blank. You’ll see some images of text (click to view them larger), and your task is to figure out what word is used incorrectly (or, let’s say, not in the standard, traditional way) and to write the answer in the blank. I hope the quiz will be give you useful practice in spotting word usage problems and mangled idioms. I’ve dropped the Flash versions in favor of the HTML5 format, and I hope the quiz works for you, regardless of which device you might be using.

Click here to begin. Please send me email or leave a comment if you find a problem or if you have any thoughts on the format or the questions. Remember, no one will know your score except you—unless you want to share.

I’ve added a share link below if you want to share this quiz on Twitter.

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2 Responses to “Try a new Grammar Guide quiz (No. 74 with images)”

    • Pam Nelson

      Thanks! I enjoyed collecting these and writing the quiz.